Wednesday, May 9, 2018

new stuff on the block

April 18th, 2018
major shizz that's happened to me now and my interests

what's up?
  • ya boy signed up for the army
    • Why? college isn't my thing, all that further education is BS, I prefer to teach myself about these things, not a fan of forking over money to a college where I wouldn't be happy, and I'm tryna travel somewhere else
    • what job did I choose? Combat medic
      • why? I want real hands-on experience in the medical field and it's gonna be exciting
    • should be a wild ride, we'll see what happens
  • made varsity wrestling this year (FUCK YEAH) got that 113 spot
    • terrible season tbh
    • didnt get to wrestle much, got sick a lot
    • by the end i wasnt happy where i was
      • didnt like the fucking weight cuts from 120-ish everyday to 114 every match
  • rn my grades are pretty shit
    • let's take a look at my grades though

  • wooooooooow wtf right? WEll shit i had a bad year and all

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Masterpiece Academy

Day 1
Ale- Would it be better if your perfect match glowed the closer you got to them?
You were compatible with this person, you two complemented each other
Birthmark, you have one and the other person has the exact same one
Don't have to waste your time with irrelevant people
What if you find someone you're interested in, but don't have the same birthmark? How would that work?

Day 2
Ale- Would it be better if your perfect match glowed the closer you got to them?
What if you don't like the person you're matched with

Day 3
Lily- question changed
First- Is death a domino effect?
New- What are real causes of death?
Broken heart syndrome- dying of a broken heart
In 2013 Harold and Ruth died within 11 hours of each other
Helen and Les Brown died a day apart
Many causes- overdose, natural,
psychological reasons of death
Most suicides come with psychological issues
Death is what you feel, it's in your brain

Rosie- What happens after death?
Believes in heaven, purgatory, and hell
Do our relatives who have passed away really look upon us from above
Preston's input-
Question could be much better
Improve on the info a bit
Are there other religions that might help in this question?
There are lots of movies where people die, based on true stories, and they come back to life and talk about what they saw or did while dead
Look into near-death experiences

Day 4
Lesley- What are the effects of music on the brain?
-Math, physics, and learning languages became easier
-Music increases dopamine, feel good hormone, in brain
-Listening to sad music when sad releases lethargic,
-Releases cortisol, helps to regulate stress
-Oxytocin, trust hormone
-Musician vs non-musician
-More symmetrical
-Music encourages brain growth
-Way you learn changes
-IQ levels rise
Musical therapy
-Alzheimer's disease-
-Used for people with Depression, dementia, Autism

Why did you like music?
As a little kid she would be listening to music all the time
How many instruments do you know how to play or tried?
Clarinet, trumpet, piano, guitar, some percussion,
Do you want a career in music?
No, might not work out parents might not like it

-Paloma-Depends on how the weekend went
--Reminder that you have all these things to do
-Angel- loves Mondays b/c you get to work out again
Social media kind of controls your perspective on Mondays
-memes, videos,
Monday Morning motivational video
-complaining is unacceptable
-be grateful to be living another day
"Everything you

How did you start thinking of perspectives?
She first always saw memes on social media about Mondays, and perception came from when she watched the video

Day 4
Cesar- Started off with paradoxes
-Didn't make sense
-Pinnochio's nose growing
New question- Running and what it taught me
-Didn't really like running before
-Never thought he would be running for fun
-Likes running now
Taught him- when you do find a passion you can do the impossible
-Kenyans are the most dominant in running
--Runs marathons
--Said he found his passion when he became world champ at 18
--most Kenyans have done the impossible
--Runs 20 miles per week
--Broke 2 hours in the marathon
Magnus Carlsen(Mozart of chess)
-played 10 chess players at the same time and looked away so that he won't see the boards
Found runner's high
fastest mile 4:39
Started running in high school, sophomore year
Has gotten better, from not placing in JV to placing for Varsity,
-14th in XC, 2nd in 2 mile

Originally- What caused the big bang
New- Why do we laugh
-We laugh because we're having fun
-watching try not to laugh video challenges
-laughing is contagious
-laughing is a way to communicate
-before communicating through language, we communicated through laughing
-Not only cool but good for you
Reasons he switched questions
-Likes laughing
-likes to watch funny videos
-changed because so many people are anti-science he might offend someone

Day 5
Marino- Why do people get passionate about sports
Been playing sports all his life
Favorite sport: soccer
Very passionate
Dad always watched it, friends played,
Ronaldinho inspired him
Get passionate b/c they feel part of the team
Team bonding adds to the passion
Can be influenced by surroundings
Studies show that the day
Lymphatic system is connected to emotions

Are you passionate about any other sports?
Likes watching other ones
Do you plan on making a career out of it?
At least play college soccer, doesn't feel he's good enough to go pro
How often do you practice?
Practice basically every day with games in between

Preston's input
Practicing makes you better

Alexis- Why hasn't the school system changed? And how can we change it?
We spend more money on schools than ever before
Lack of teacher innovation
Top performances lower than other countries who spend less
OECD program
We always hear about Finland
-work on projects with teachers 1-on-1
-performance much better than the US
-do hands-on projects early on
Parents don't really engage with their students' school life
Most US kids still don't know what they're going to do after high school
Preston engages with us more

Jordan- How can we, the next generation, carry on this society if we don't prepare?

Abby- What would happen if I wasn't a twin?
Twin- Gabby
Would I still be the same person
Twin Questions
-Who's the oldest? Oldest by 40 mins.
-What's it like? Hard to describe something you're used to
-Can you feel each others pain? No
-Can you read each others mind? No
-Do you two fight? Yes, every sibling fights
-She is more introverted
-more awkward
-more thoughtful
-Autodidact- loves teaching themselves
Can people change? yes
Can people change people? Yes
- If surrounded by negativity, you might not
-I'd feel more bored
-Make more friends
-Probably be an autodidact, relies on sister to teach her
Do you finish each others sentences? Yes, it's natural

Leydi- What are strategies to find good items at a thrift store
What is vintage? Anything classy, retro
Began thrifting since a year ago
EMC Vlogs- thrifter
Got interested b/c of fashion culture back then
Is interested in the 80s, now 80s style look is coming back
A$AP Rocky is into it
Interviewed a special guest-
Advice- look through all the racks you can find cool stuff/designer brands
Always look at boys or men's section, cool stuff there
At goodwill specials on Mondays, student discounts Tuesdays 50% off
Coolest thing you found? Polar bear shirt

Gabriel- How do I improve my memory?
First step-Tell yourself that you have a good memory, no self-deprecation
Next- lifestyle, eating healthier
3- exercise, creates neurotrathic receptors, HIIT helps you a lot
4- meditation/sleep- 4-6 hrs of sleep improve performance
5- mastering a new skill- instrument, enlarges hippocampus in brain

Presentation ties into all the presentations

Samary-negative issues
originally about perfection
Negative issues
-drug/alcohol abuse
 -many teens do it
-violence in schools
 -don't like going outside
 -watch tv all day
 -makes work safer
 -might get worse, bad ecosystem
-cancer disease going down
-ISIS losing
-war deaths have gone down
-bankruptcies have gone down
-200 million fewer people are in poverty
-book sales have gone up
-videogames getting better
In reality, it all depends on the individual, if you choose to drive your car every day  you're contributing to pollution

Angie- relaxation & health
students stressed with school, friends, relationships
Teachers gave projects
Looked it up found yoga
Find something you like to do
Unwind in dance class
Others do sports, hobbies, exercise
Releases endorphins that make you feel better, better sleep
Meditations, deep breathing
Dopamines and serotonin
-music, smiling and laughing produce it in the brain
-even when you fake smile
laughter helps the immune system

Daniel- what would the world be like without school
School: designed to educate people for the futureSchool provides a learning place, beneficial in finding a career, helps interact with others
Why do some hate it
School is another chore
Many didn't ask for projects, presentations, test
School meant to keep kids out of trouble
What if it ended?
-More people out on streets
-loads of extra time
-less interaction
-Might not find a job or be qualified
Would there still be a way?
-Some may educate themselves online
-Get help from parents
-people can work together to continue to learn
Some outcomes?
Students might follow in parents' footsteps
less competition
Everybody would have an easy simple job with minimum wage

Jordan-How can we the next generation carry society
Told by parents
We already have a big burden on our shoulders
Pessimist, we're all gonna die eventually
Adults expect next generation to make the world better, some don't
The World might get better, might not
Ways to prepare
-Working hard to be prepared
Questions asked for adults
-How can you be so hopeful if you doubt it?
-Get a job, don't fall into the wrong crowd
There are idiotic people out there making stupid decisions
opinion- it's not very good
-Polar ice caps melting
-hopeful of Pacific cleanup
--let waves do the work

Cerenity- Used to be a quote
New- Why do the people we care for the most hurt us and why do we do it too
Us hurting them ends up in them hurting us
Interviewed people about a time when they were most hurt
Most of them said it was someone close
We are often hurt by the people closest to us b/c we are reflected in them and we don't like it, we want to attack the mirror b/c we don't like it
Interviewed a social worker
-b/c people we are closest to we have a higher expectation of, the more you expect the more you'll be hurt
Answer to question-the relationship we have with them is their advantage, know what pushes our buttons
Crowd input
like how yo put other's input in this question
Like the way you talked about expectations, relatable to parents having higher expectations
Social worker said that we forget that we are humans and that we have our own problems

Monse- What goes on in the mind of a killer
Murdered grandparents at 15 years old
Toolbox killers-killed women in San Francisco
Donald Henry Gaskins-killed hitchhikers, tortured
Juana Barraza "La Mata abuelas"- killed elderly women
Kathleen "The Australian Child Killer"- killed her own daughter at 19 years old, killed her children
was discovered after she killed her 4th child, only sentenced to 30 years
Men are more likely
Motives are money, sex, control, enjoyment
Early childhood abuse leads to trauma
most don't feel remorse, some do and turn themselves in
Why did you choose this?
-I like watching investigation shows

Angel- What am i doing with my life after high school
College? IDK
If I do where would I go? It'd be a good idea in order to be successful
Wants to travel
Wants to become a YouTuber
-make money off of it
-fun life, make videos
low chance of being successful there
Was good at math, now not so- engineer out of the equation
Can become a game developer- likes Clash Royale
-only need a bachelor's degree, make 75k a year
What makes games so addicting
-you want to beat your high score
Reward based system in your mind
Wants to become a good developer
-makes girlfriend play games he likes
conclusion- wants to become a YouTuber, won't work out, go to college, become a game developer, make an addicting game, make money off of players
Crowd input
Have you made videos yet?
-Tried but didn't
Preston- you're not good or bad at math, you should post videos on blog
Do you plan on making videos?
-yeah when I get a better camera
-thinking of becoming a comedian

Linda- Why does music sound good to us?
Vibrations go through our ears and then go to our brains where we process them
Brain doesn't just process music, music is more complex
When we listen to songs we love, it reaches our pleasure part of the brain
When we listen to a sad song, our mood matches to this song
Music and memory- sometimes it's just the memory we have associated with the song
What do animals feel? Music we listen to doesn't process to animals b/c we understand the language
Scientists working on music designed for each species
Why do some people like certain music and others like other genres
Associated with you perspective
Music is complex and has many elements, evokes many emotions. nostalgic, vibrations causes our brains to experience pleasure
Music doesn't sound good it just makes us feel good
What type do you like?
Rap, R&B, other types
Favorite song?

Kayleen- Why are we not taught about taxes, mortgage, and teachers lowly paid
Whoever created school system said we should learn stuff for the future
Video- rap about school system
-we should be taught about finance
The real question- has the school system failed us?
Horace Mann created school system 166 years ago
School lunches- unhealthy
Dress code-
Secretary of Education, Betsy DeVos, cut 900k from school budget
-Teacher wages lower
 -cut wages means less motivation for teachers
Do you feel school system has failed you?- Elementary, no, middle school, no, high school courses now, yes

Clemente-are humans inherently evil or does society make them be?
Video- type in experiments, you get
-Stanford prison experiment
 -request for participants in the prison experiment
 -some were guards and some were prisoners
 -prisoners rebelled on the second day
 -guards met force with force
 -became so real people left
Evil arises from circumstances or environmental setting, not characteristics
Experiment 2
- 40 males ages 20-50
- shocks for the wrong answer
- had the power to shock, people weren't really shocked just acted
- some people enjoyed shocking people
pressure contributes to evil
Experiment 3
-brown eyes & blue eyes
-segregated by brown eyes, to show discrimination
-kids were influenced by their circumstances
-the teacher told them
Answer- people are affected by circumstances, experiences, influences,
So society influences the way we behave

Jackie R.- What is worse failing or never trying?
What is black when you buy it, red when used, gray when thrown away? Charcoal
-Most are afraid of it
-Most believe success is failure-free
Failure shouldn't be feared, it's an allusion
see as an opportunity to learn
Never trying
Will never know
Always wonder if they would have failed or been successful
Answer-Never trying is worse b/c you will never know what happened

Fatima-why do we fear the unknown
what is fear? being afraid of something
If you touch fire, you know you will be burned so it is common fear
Going down a dark hallway, don't know what could happen, unknown fear
Mind takes shortcuts
What we think
-Presentations, already know but still scared
Fear in brain
-controlled by agmadalla piece in the brain, controls senses & hormones
-response to danger is made by fear

DAY 10
Melinda-why do we dream
Occurs during REM
-quick eye movement
-you can't breathe in dreams
-more negative than positive dreams

Why can't we remember dreams
-not 100% correct answer
-wake up too fast
-recurring dreams can be remembered
-neurological conditions in our brains NRE

Did you look into sleep paralysis?
No, might be genetic

Peter- What is music?
Origins-thought to be more drum based
sticks and rocks abundant back the
1400 B.C. flute made
700 BC vocals included in songs
-Baroque period: strength music
Blues and Train station when blues brought into music, grew from African tradition'
Country- Appalachian mountains, became popular in
R&B: Brought by African American tradition, strong beat
Rap: DJs got the downbeat
Is it Math?
-Pythagoras, created optics scale, Do-Re-Mi-Mo
Is it a drug?
-can inspire you,
-dopamine released
What is music to me?
-escape for hm
-story people have to tell
-wrote a song about how he felt when his dad was incarcerated
-might get better, hopefully

Paloma-trust and second chances
3 types of trust- self, family, relationship
video-guy cheated on girlfriend a lot
2nd video- even if certain people break your trust, you can still take them back
3rd video- why you should trust in yourself
Why did you choose this?
Feels she can relate to some trust issues
Trust is hanging on by a thread
-business, relationship, live by a contract

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Topic: Lucid Dreams

What I did over break related to the topic: Researched, found websites, tried it

One thing I learned: How to lucid dream

Connection between course or a reading: Can't really find one, maybe having a journal b/c you should have a dream journal in order to be more aware

What I'm doing next: Connecting with professionals

Sunday, April 30, 2017


In the essay "We eat social media for breakfast" by Dr. Preston, the use of literary devices is meant to get his point through, Through his essay, he brings forth his thoughts on how social media and pictures have changed the way our lives are now. Sure a captured moment can be something used to remember a story, but since now we post basically everything we do those pictures aren't what they used to be anymore. Dr. Preston shares his thoughts on this by his use of diction, syntax, tone, and rhetorical strategies.

After reading the essay, there was one thing that stood out to me. The tone in which the essay is told. It was a friendly tone, almost as if a friend were explaining something to you. Along with the friendliness, the tone is also set in the way in which he adds some humour to the essay. For, example, he tells us of some of his memories such as burning the last couple exposures. By adding humour and writing as if he were a close friend to the tone, the essay is easier to understand and gets to you.

Along with the tone reeling you in, the diction used also helps greatly. The diction used was basically something we, the teenagers, would use to speak to our friends. For example, he talks about his omelette using words that made you just picture that delicious omelette, in a way that a friend would describe their food in order to make you envy them a bit. By using this type of diction, the essay was fun to read and didn't get boring even when the odd high-vocabulary word was used.

Another literary device used by Dr. Preston were rhetorical strategies. A rhetorical strategy used was the little bombardment of questions used at the beginning. By basically blitzkrieging you with questions, it brings the reader in and sort of brings you onto his side of opinion. The questions made you seriously consider what he was saying making it even more effective. The use of pictures was also helpful in how you actually saw a picture of his breakfast and what he meant about eating social media for breakfast. The way he also wrote his sentences made it better. This form of syntax helped by making every sentence seem like a cliffhanger, which was answered in the next sentence, like short spurts.

In Conclusion, the way Dr. Preston presented his argument was effective. Its effectiveness is due to the use of syntax, tone, diction, and rhetorical strategies.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

AP prompt 2

Write a persuasive essay that defends, challenges, or qualifies the assertion that "For in much wisdom is much grief, and increase of knowledge is increase of sorrow." (Ecclesiastes)

"For in much wisdom is much grief, and increase of knowledge is increase of sorrow." (Ecclesiastes) Ironic right? You would think that being wise and knowing more would mean you were happy, right? Well, having wisdom can make you happy because you've already gone through that stuff but knowing more can make you unhappier due to knowing more

Wisdom and knowledge are undoubtedly two great things to possess but with them come sadness.
The sadness in what you've experienced and the sadness that the world will give to you. Wisdom is sought by many and the ones who possess wisdom are glorified in a way, seen almost as leaders amongst the people. Knowledge is something we want more and more of, but eventually, we end up learning too much and just can't see the world as we once used to anymore.

"Wisdom comes from living."- Anthony Douglas Williams. That line is very true. Why? Because the wisest people I know have gone through a lot. For example, my parents have had to go through some hardships such as not having much when they first came to the U.S. and they teach me to appreciate the way I'm living. Also, as we see in movies and books the wisest seem to be much older than the rest of the group. This does come from living  because they've already been in similar situations much of their life

"Sorrow is knowledge, those that know the most must mourn the deepest, the tree of knowledge is not the tree of life." - Lord Byron. This is saying that by digging deeper and learning more you will be exposed to the truth. I can say that this is true because I myself have dug deeper and found out a lot about the government and other stuff which we are fooled by. For example now, in history class, I feel as if the class is pretty much BS because we don't really talk about the real stuff. By the real stuff, I mean history not tainted by Americans, which we paint ourselves in good light in

In Conclusion, it seems as the more you know whether it be knowledge or wisdom the more downs there seem to be in your life at a point. The wisest seem to be more at peace due to them knowing how those struggles are making them humble. The more knowledgeable the more disappointed with the world because they know too much and see through the lies. So, yes, wisdom and knowledge might be different in a way but still you will eventually feel the same emotions, just at different times.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

AP prompt 1

Analyse both the good and bad effects of a change in society that has occurred or that you would like to see occur

Society has truly come a long way from the stone ages. From writing on a stone to typing on a few keys or speaking to a computer to write full essays. From having to go to someone's house to talk to them to being able to send each other messages in a second. Well, social media has been introduced since then. Sure, it has its positives but it also has cons. Some positives are our ability to find anything quickly, being able to socialise without leaving your house, and the ability to find many new things online. Some cons are that we can be exposed to stuff we shouldn't see, face to face socialisation is slowly going away, and it can be addicting.

Remember when we were younger in elementary and in order to find something out we had to go get books? Well, social media allows us to see anything with a few clicks. It's cool because we don't have to go to the library to look something up now we just type it in in the search box and voila there it is. The bad is that social media can expose us to bad things. Things we shouldn't be seeing. For example, websites that contain adult content or dark content.

Social media has also changed the way we interact with each other. Now, social media allows us to connect with others easily. Simply by going on Snapchat, Instagram, facebook, or twitter we can communicate with one another. The bad though is that face to face interaction is slowly going away. Pretty soon everybody will just be communicating through their gadgets and we won't be able to truly communicate, leaving us lacking is socialisation skills.

Social media can also help us in exploring new things. By going online you can discover new things you didn't know before such as how to design something, how to do something, or how to be better at something. A con in that is the addiction that can come with it.Sure, you can be looking at something, but then you get so immersed in it that you lose track of time. I mean I'm pretty guilty of discovering something new and then end up using up an hour or two watching something about it and then it leads to me watching some dumb video.

In Conclusion, Social media is both a good and bad thing. Yes, there are many ways it can help us such as making communication easier, making our lives easier, and teaching us new things. But, it can also expose us to the bad side of the internet, take away from time to spend with friends and family, and it can be addicting. So, with social media being a big leap in the technological world it can lead to us, the humans taking a step back life-wise.

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Fahrenheit 451 essay

OPTION 1: Describe the difference in Ray Bradbury's tone with regard to Clarisse & Beatty. Support your analysis with examples of Bradbury's diction and detail.

   Have you noticed that when we talk about someone we strongly dislike we describe them and talk about them in an angrier tone? Yet when we talk about someone we are cool with such as a friend or someone we like we talk in a cheery mood and seem happier? Yes or no? Well, yeah it's true. Ray Bradbury changes the tone every time a certain character has a part. For example, Beatty and Clarisse. Two totally different people and Bradbury shows how different. With Clarisse, the tone and diction seem to be supportive, but with Beatty the tone and diction seem to be an irritating type of calm.

    Starting with Clarisse, Bradbury's tone seems to be supportive of her role in the story. One reason is the way Bradbury introduces her and describes her. For example, when Montag meets Clarisse he describes her in a calm way as if she is an angel or godsend. Another way is how when she is in a part of the story, the tone and diction change. For example, when Montag is leaving home or going home and he sees Clarisse, the tone and diction become more relaxed and you can feel a sort of calm in those parts. With this change for Clarisse, you know that she's more of a supportive character.
    On the other hand with Beatty, the tone changes pretty fast. It goes from normal to a sort of dislikeable one. For example, when he is first introduced in the book he is made to seem arrogant with the way Bradbury describes him and the way the story was told with him in it seemed angry-ish. Another reason is in the way Beatty is brought into a part. He always appears around the same time something bad is happening, where the tone seems to be angry or in danger. For example, Beatty is there when the Hound growls at Montag, when he gets sick, and of course when Montag's house was reported of having books inside. From these reasons, the tone seems to revolve around him, in a way.
    In Conclusion, there seems to be a pretty obvious change in tone when it comes to certain characters. Especially around Clarisse and Beatty, from calm and cool to irritating. Almost like the calm before the storm. This change is used to convey to the reader who the supportive and the antagonistic character are, through diction and tone.