Sunday, March 19, 2017


1.The novel Fahrenheit 451 begins : “It was a pleasure to burn.” Why does Ray Bradbury start the novel in this way? Why might it be more pleasurable to burn books rather than read them?
2. In the opening scene, why are the books compared to birds?
3. Discuss the difference between Montag and Clarisse’s lives.
4. Montag’s television includes headphones called “seashells.”  The “wall to wall circuit” allows Mildred to enter the “play” and, therefore, the television programming. How does the technology within the novel compare to our current technology? In the first pages of the novel, does technology improve the quality of life for Montag and his wife, Mildred? Why or why not?
5. Why does the narrator introduce us to Montag at this time of his life, when he encounters Clarisse and confronts Mildred’s overdose?
6. Why does the author introduce the character of Clarisse before Mildred?
7. Why are all the houses fireproof in this society?
8. Why does Mildred require emergency service? What service is provided?
9. What is the mechanical hound and what is its purpose?
10. Why does the society consider Clarisse “anti-social”?
11. When the woman’s house is raided, why does she light the match?
12. Describe the relationship between Montag and Mildred.  
13. What is the purpose of Beatty's visit? 
14. Reread Captain Beatty’s monologue (pp.57-59). Discuss his view that school cultivates anti-intellectual sentiment (p.58). In your opinion does it accurately depict your high school? Do books violate the idea that ”everyone is made equal” (p.58)?
15. Why does Montag feel “fat”?

1. Bradbury started the book off with it as a "hook" to catch the reader's attention and it has something to do with the book
2. Books are compared to birds because birds are basically a symbol of freedom in how they can just go anywhere they want and aren't restrained by anything and in books, you can find a type of freedom such as birds have, well at least in my opinion
3. The difference between Montag and Clarisse is that Clarisse seems to be more exposed to the wonders of life, making her actually happy, while Montag has the sort of happiness that isn't really real
4. The technology described by Bradbury is pretty similar to earbuds, which is pretty freaking crazy. Technology definitely doesn't improve Montag's relationship with his wife because they are in their own worlds making them distant, which seems to happen more and more nowadays
5. I guess we were introduced to Montag's life at those moments to bring forth how his life truly is, filled with deception and mystery.
6. The author introduced Clarisse first before Mildred because it makes Mildred look bad compared to Clarisse
7. Houses are fireproof in the book because only the books are meant to be burned not the house
8. Mildred required emergency service because she overdosed on pills. I think she might have got her stomach pumped, it was weird, though.
9. The mechanical hound is I guess to be sort of like a police dog which chases the people who might not want to burn their books.
10. Society considers Clarisse to be anti-social simply because she isn't like the rest and is just being herself, self-reliant, and not what society wants her to be like, 
11. When the woman house is raided she decides to burn the books because she'd rather do it herself than let someone else do it, kind of like George deciding to shoot Lenny himself in Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck
12. The relationship between Montag and Mildred can be described as a 2017 love, distant but just there to feel normal
13. The purpose of Beatty's visit is to basically check up on him

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Higher Education Learning week- Day 1

So since I wasn't in class today I guess I will just describe what this was.

Well, we had a little college fair in the Wilson gym, which was pretty cool. There were around 20-ish really great colleges. Although some caught my interest more than others, such as Southern Utah University, Univerity of Idaho, Colorado State University, Cal Lutheran, New School of Architecture & Design, and Fresno State. These got my interest because the people at the booths were cool to talk to which kind of tells me how the school atmosphere is like. They were really enthusiastic to talk to us and give us the information we wanted. I was also interested in these more because they had D1 athletics such as Track & Field, Cross Country, and Wrestling which is a great bonus. Another thing that sparked my interest in these was that they all have really good courses for computer science, which will eventually lead to a job for me as a programmer or something else that's interesting.
So, I guess I didn't really waste a chance to learn today.

... Center :: campus tours :: Southern Utah University key factsUniversity of Idaho Arboretum & Botanical GardenNewSchool of Architecture and Design Introduces Master of Landscape ...California Lutheran University | Thousand Oaks, CA | santamariatimes ...Fresno State Bulldogs throw blanket with Timeout the Bulldog mascot.
Colorado State University College of Business

Sunday, March 5, 2017


Well, to me watching a movie after reading the book sometimes disappoints. It disappoints in the way that you finish the book full of expectation that hopefully, the movie will be as awesome as the book, but really most of the details are taken out or changed. Anyways, I'm still not awed by the book even through the analysis of it. So, it really doesn't matter to me whether we watch this movie or not.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Essay prompt

    Gatsby's desire for "success" is both evidence of the American Dream and of an obsession. Sure he hustles, which is related to the American Dream, to hustle until you make it big, but his reason for doing it is his obsession with trying to impress Daisy, not to live the American Dream. Gatsby symbolises part of our culture and our personal desire because we mainly want to get rich so that we can flaunt our success, whether it be by showing off our cars or living in too big of a house.

    Gatsby's desire for success is evidence of the American Dream in many ways which we consider to be part of it. One reason is that you need to keep on hustling because life is a never-ending grind so you have to make it big early. For example, he doesn't stop working, even though it is shady business as can be seen by the call from Chicago at the end of the book when Gatsby dies, but he still keeps on going. He also stays humble about his money to other people. He is humble because he knows where he came from and he still respects people.

    Gatsby's desire can also be connected to an obsession because of the way he acts and is.
for pointers, he doesn't seem satisfied with everything that he has. For example, he keeps on wanting to get more and more stuff. He also only wants to get rich because he is obsessed with impressing Daisy. For example, Jordan said that he had worked hard so that he could buy the house that was directly across the bay from Daisy's house,

    In a way, Gatsby does symbolise our culture and desires in a few aspects. One aspect of our culture is that we like to show off to impress. For example, he throws all of those parties in order to impress a certain someone living directly across the bay from him. Another aspect of our desires is to want to get more and more even though we already have enough.

    In Conclusion, we can say that Gatsby's desire for success is both evidence of trying to live the American Dream and of an obsession he has with Daisy's approval of him. Sure he is an example of starting from the bottom and making it big but the sole intent of that drive was one person, his obsession with Daisy.

Thursday, February 23, 2017


CHARACTERS: Nick, Daisy, Tom, Jordan Baker, Myrtle(Miss. Wilson), Catherine, Mrs Mckee, Mr Mckee, Mr Wilson, Mr Gatsby, Mr Mumble(x3), Lucille, Mr Wolfsheim, Mr Klipspringer, Dan Cody, Mr and Mrs Sloane, Henry C. Gatz( Gatsby's father)

pasquinade: satire or lampoon

Wilson murdered Gatsby b/c he thought Myrtle was having an affair with him

Catherine doesn't defend Gatsby or say that Myrtle did have an affair and with who

Tom and Daisy took off somewhere

Meyer Wolfsheim doesn't answer the phone either

Gatsby's father came to Gatsby's funeral

Dark sky and drizzle are a representation of Nick's mood, feeling low

Gatsby would schedule his life from a young age

Nobody showed up to Gatsby's funeral, none of them were real friends

Daisy broke up with Gatsby, b/c she was engaged with another man now

Tom and Daisy don't like to take responsibility for the problems they create


CHARACTERS: Nick, Daisy, Tom, Jordan Baker, Myrtle(Miss. Wilson), Catherine, Mrs Mckee, Mr Mckee, Mr Wilson, Mr Gatsby, Mr Mumble(x3), Lucille, Mr Wolfsheim, Mr Klipspringer, Dan Cody, Mr and Mrs Sloane

Turning out light is a symbol of rejection/ not wanting to be seen

Metaphor of cigarettes, musty/dusty room is there to show a downslide

redolent: aromatic

Gatsby took Daisy

Gatsby is reminiscing about his time with Daisy

Daisy married Tom out of desperation of not wanting to wait for Gatsby anymore

Wilson murdered Gatsby in his pool

Wilson walked to Gatsby's house to hunt him down

Friday, February 17, 2017


Characters: Nick, Daisy, Tom, Jordan Baker, Myrtle(Miss. Wilson), Catherine, Mrs Mckee, Mr Mckee, Mr Wilson, Mr Gatsby, Mr Mumble(x3), Lucille, Mr Wolfsheim, Mr Klipspringer, Dan Cody, Mr and Mrs Sloane,

Gatsby compared to Trimalchio, someone of Roman stories who would host many parties and got rich by mysterious ways, Fitzgerald uses allusion

Gatsby replaced all of his housekeepers

It was so hot Nick was hallucinating and thought he heard the butler say Tom was dead

Tom talks about the sun just so that he could listen to himself talk

"Her voice is full of money" - Gatsby

Wilson found out about Myrtle's other life

Gatsby's lover and wife were slipping away from him

Myrtle thinks that Jordan is Tom's wife

Tom realised that Daisy loves Gatsby

From the moment that Gatsby said anything contrary to Tom, there is a tension

Daisy is treating Tom like how Myrtle was treating George Wilson, her husband

Gatsby tell Tom that Daisy never loved him she only married him because she couldn't wait

Daisy admits she doesn't love Tom anymore, but she used to

Tom reveals that Gatsby was a bootlegger

Myrtle was hit by the "Death car"

The "Death car" was yellow, Tom's car

Daisy ran Myrtle over, killing her instantly